Brenham Ghost Town


I stopped by before heading out to Austin. I had been passing over too many times.  I always wanted to check it out and I haven’t had an opportunity until last night.  It indeed is an abandoned building.  The sign said “no trespassing” and well, you know me, I trespassed anyway.  I was careful, not stepping on anything or rattlesnakes. I brought my headlights on.  It has never been mowed at all.  I saw the huge spider on the web hanging on the limb without disturbance from me.  I realized I was too close to try a picture.  I went out of the front yard, back on the street.  I found a perfect spot on the corner.  It’s creepy though.

I stopped at the gas station, asking the cashier if she knew anything about this ghost town. All I learned a little what it was about.

Mr. Winkelman moved the buildings on to the property from different areas around Texas. He wanted to make it a town for  bed and breakfast and little cafes. The area never took off due to family issues. It is inhabited by squatters now and the land is owned by a person in California.

When I got home, I googled to get more information and there were so little.  That’s all I know as I mentioned above.

Approximately 5 miles East of Brenham, on eastbound side of US 290. At the intersection of US 290 and Indian Paint Brush Road.

d Chapel Hill, TX.


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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station – 2003 Remake

IMG_0036This is the original building from the scenes in the 2003 production of Texas Chainsaw Massacre featuring the creepy gas station. It is still just as creepy, especially at night. During the day it is an operating general store/country diner called Cele Store.  The building was originally built in 1891, as the Richland Saloon. It’s a little out in the country but only about 35-40 minutes from downtown Austin.

I drove here from Houston to check the building that was used in the movie.  I admired the building and its history from what I learned.  I was glad I was there to see it at 1:30 AM.  Yes it was during twilight hours that I was hoping to catch the Milky Way.  No it didn’t happen because the clouds were hovering over.

I reached the two lane country road meanders through picturesque farmland. If you’re not careful, you may miss the dilapidated structure that looks like a place history forgot to demolish. The warped, ruffled and rusty tin roof doesn’t hide its age, nor does the weathered and beaten gray wood siding.

Since 1951, it’s been owned by the same family, who built a BBQ pit that churns out delicious ribs, brisket and sausage. You won’t find glassware (other than beer bottles) and the dishware is low maintenance, plastic. Don’t expect a menu, either. They like to keep things simple. In addition to meat and tangy, homemade BBQ sauces, you can order pickles, onions and cheddar cheese. Because they don’t offer traditional sides, you’re welcome to bring your own. The table next to mine had bowls filled with potato salad and green beans, along with a birthday cake. And while Cele Store does serve bottles of beer and soda in cans, if you want hard liquor or wine, you’re welcome to bring them, too.

Another 21st century item you won’t find here: credit cards. Leave them at home because this old-fashioned establishment only accepts two forms of payment: cash and check.

Check their website:

The location is at 18726 Cameron Rd, Manor, TX 78653


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Torchy’s Tacos in South Congress Ave. | Austin, Texas

Torchy’s Tacos in South Congress Ave. The latest new development of the popular franchise.

Who says you need a business plan to start a taco joint? With a head full of ideas and a slight ache from partying all summer, Michael Rypka left his fancy executive chef job to chase his dreams. He soon found them in Austin with a newly acquired food trailer and a red Vespa scooter. A house was mortgaged. Credit cards were maxed out. And in 2006, Torchy’s Tacos opened on Bouldin Creek at South 1st.

Watching cars drive by, Mike realized he had bet his life savings on green chili pork and fajitas mixed with his own desire for some great street food. With no customers in sight, Mike hopped on his scooter and handed out free chips and his award-winning salsa to personally invite everyone to stop by the trailer for some tacos. It worked.

The first menu was filled more with experiments than meals. So whenever Mike heard his customers holler “damn these tacos are good!” they were added to the menu. Soon “Damn Good” became a rally cry at the trailer. The Taco Dream grew and took on a life of its own with long lines and happy customers.

Today Torchy’s Tacos operate over 30 stores and a trailer park.

Rest is history! 

I just found out that there is another Torchy’s Tacos in Colorado! I was surprised to learn that when my friend, Ralena, posted a few of this restaurant yesterday.
2016-02-12 19.26.58
The entrance.
2016-02-12 19.27.08-1
The beautiful front.
2016-02-12 19.42.17-1
I’m glad the restaurant is giving their respects for Fran’s Hamburgers, the popular landmark for so many years. Fran’s Hamburgers gave up their lease about two years ago. We miss them.
2016-02-12 21.05.15
The sideways.
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My first Wonders of Back Roads trip

when I pay off my debts, hopefully with 6 months – one debt is large so it will probably take me to pay off within 4 or 5 months – from the bone doctor fixing my ankle 3 years ago.

Anyway, after being debt-free, I will start off by going home to visit my family first, showing them off with my wanderlust bitch, then go to Caddo Lake State Park or the park nearby, close to my birth town, watching the seasons change, stay there for a few months, then off to Chicago, in turn to be on back roads from Chicago to San Monica on Route 66, it will take me a few months to take pictures, meeting people and attractions to see, then go to San Diego, back to I-10, stop at Antelope Canyons that I keep hearing about, then Big Bend, until home in Austin (of course it’s my home where my kids live, and doctor/dentist visits, and friends) then off again somewhere different on back roads where the home is for me full-time.IMG_8394

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The Yarn Bomb!

I took a hike at the Cooperfield Nature Trail that led me into the street. I went down on the street and saw the crochet-covered tree. It was awesome to see the art in front of me. I couldn’t resist getting close and took a look on the front yard. No one saw me. At least I didn’t knock down any flower pot. 😁

It’s not too far from Dessau Lane and Braker Lane.

12017 Rotherham Drive
Austin, Texas


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Curious Wanderer at Laguna Gloria

Among the most celebrated recent works by Friedman under this umbrella are the artist’s crushed aluminum foil roasting-pan figures, through a process of molding and lost wax casting, the figures are eventually converted into stainless steel while retaining the detail and imprint of the baking tins. Towering nearly thirty-three feet high, Looking Up, 2015, is among the largest and most spectacular of these works, a major new acquisition by The Contemporary Austin for the grounds of the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park at Laguna Gloria.

Laguna Gloria
3809 W. 35th Street
Austin, Texas



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The Baseball Freak on the Neighborhood

It must be a Bucs baseball fan somewhere in Austin. I don’t know if it is a professional baseball team or just a league team.
6104 Club Terrace
Austin, Texas

IMG_2729 IMG_2728

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