The Deer Sculpture…NOT!

When I was “strolling” through the roads in Salado, I saw the deer on the edge. I thought it was the sculpture until he moved, I jumped off my seat a little bit!  He spooked me so good!

Damn him.

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Old Bicycle Fence | Salado, Texas

I always have wanted to show you that there is a fence that holds many old bicycles about 14 of them are tied to.  I saw them way back in May 2011.  I came back last Thursday and checked if they were still there.  Yes, the attraction is still intact!!


It’s located at 194 North Main Street, Salado, Texas.  Visit the cool attraction there.

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Salado Sculpture Garden | Salado, Texas

While I was looking for Sirena the Indian Mermaid,  I just drove through the roads looking for some vintage stuff at the houses and businesses, admiring the old feeling look.  I happened to spot the sculpture garden.  I had to stop by and take a look.   Sirena was still in my mind so I was looking for her there at no avail.  However, the art in the garden were fascinating.  All of the pieces are created by Salado artists and other local community members.  The park was really inviting with its open space and an easy path for you to walk on as you made your way through the garden. We can have the opportunity to touch the art and take those photos, or even sit down in the park and have a picnic with family.

The Sock Monkey | Joe Barrington that greets you when you first walk in.

Marvin the Moose | Johnny Shipman

Handicapped Mask | Troy Kelley

QR Code | Troy Kelley

I have to apologize that I hadn’t taken some pictures of the artist’s name and titles of each sculpture. Many of the pieces are for sale – granted many of them can cost $5,000, $7,500 and even up to $25,000. But from reading the artist’s title and thinking how this piece can pertain to your life  whether it makes you think of something to remind you of. You can experience the park so much more when you realize how special these pieces can be.

I visited for approximately 45 minutes  that was adequate time to appreciate the sculptures. After spending time at the garden, I had to go to the place to ask the employee where Serina was. I learned that Serina the Indian Mermaid was sculpted by Troy Kelley!   I was given some paper instructions where to locate her.  I went off hunting.

You can follow the “Legend of Serina”……

Salado Sculpture Garden is located on the north side of Salado at 113 Salado Plaza Drive.  It is open every day and free to the public.

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The Legend of Sirena


I heard about the legend in Salado, Texas.  I missed it on my last road trip back in May 2011.  I didn’t remember if I ever saw the mermaid in the Salado creek then.  I investigated a little bit about Sirena and found out that she was moved somewhere at a undisclosed location.  I was disappointed.

I heard there was a Salado Sculpture Garden a few weeks ago and I decided a “go see it” the place.  I didn’t find Sirena there however I took some pictures at the garden anyway. I came to the place where the employees worked. I asked the employee about Sirena.  He smiled and drew out a map on paper.  I found out that Sirena was there all right near the Salado creek.  I drove back and checked Sirena out.  There she is!  Where Sirena used to reside along with the creek, she moved to the location, high and dry, away from the creek, across the Main street bridge on the left at Pace Park.
What is Sirena about?

“She is an Indian maiden who despaired of winning the love of a certain brave. A magic fish in the creek promised to help her win her man if she would agree to spend one night a month in the creek as the fish’s mate. She agreed, time went on, till one night when (in her mermaid guise) she was caught on a fisherman’s hook. As she was trying to remove the hook from her tail her human husband saw her and was angry, rejecting her and leaving her with a broken heart.”

It’s located at 380 South Main Street in Salado, Texas.  It’s GPS location: 30.943482, -97.537478

Check out on Salado Sculpture Garden next…..

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Sad Eeyore at Eastwoods Park



img_3170 img_3172

In commemoration, Eastwoods Park features a charming donkey sculpture by local artist Bob Coffee. 


Eeyore’s Birthday Party began in 1963 at Eastwoods Park as a spring party and picnic for Department of English students at the University of Texas at Austin.  It was named for Eeyore,  a chronically depressed donkey in A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh stories who, in one story, believes his friends have forgotten his birthday only to discover they have planned a surprise party for him.

When the festival moved from Eastwoods Park to Pease Park in 1974, Austin-area non-profit Friends of the Forest, an organization which distributes funds to other area charities began arranging for food and drink vendors at the festival. They continue this task today along with arranging public services (toilets, buses, security, medics) and scheduling live music and family-oriented games and contests. The event is still known to most as a festival oriented towards modern hippies. It now boasts an annual attendance in the thousands.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party is attended by people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages, some of whom may have been attending for decades. Austin’s hippie community still puts in a major appearance at the event, which they celebrate by forming large drum circles which can sometimes contain hundreds of drummers and dancers in the large areas of the park not occupied by other events. Members of the Deaf community like the drum circles because they can feel the vibrations.

via wikipedia.

I had been attending Eeyore’s Birthday parties in the past.  The crowd is growing bigger every year.  Music, hippies, children, everywhere, even with women with painted boobs, pregnant bellies, men with thongs, dogs and cats.

img_0289 img_0238 img_0211 img_0194 img_0192 img_0189 img_0186 img_0036 img_0042 img_0052 img_0056 img_0075 img_0157 img_0174 img_0028 img_0024 img_0305 img_0300

I took those photos during the Eeyore’s birthday party at Pease Park in April 2014.  I plan to go back this year and enjoy the event again!


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Sneakers Hanging on a Wire

I always thought that shoes are hanging on the wires were a cool fad until I learned something different.

In many communities, one can see a pair of shoes swinging on power lines. This practice is called shoe tossing, and it is often spotted in urban areas or college neighborhoods throughout the world. There is no universal meaning for shoes hanging on power lines, but one is able to interpret the message depending on the location of the shoes. Some youth perform shoe tossing simply because they have witnessed others do it. For others, it is a symbol of a prime drug-dealing location, gang representation or death.
When shoes are hanging from telephone wires in an intersection, it is sometimes a sign that gang members are claiming the premises for themselves. It is also a symbol used to indicate hot spots for addicts to purchase the drugs they are looking for. The sudden death of a popular youth in the community often causes friends or family members to perform shoe tossing in a loved one’s honor.

So I’m not sure what that means for when I saw the sneakers swinging on the wires at Mabel Davis District Park. I am hoping its not about drugs. There is a skate park, a playground and the swimming pool.


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A Dime Wouldn’t Fit in My Front Pocket!

The Big Dime in the Box

And in those miles and miles of Texas, a treasure of unusual town names…..this time, it’s Dime Box, Texas.  I am going to tell a little about the tiny central Texas town of Dime Box. I drove off TX 21 to check the small town about 3 minutes away.  I found the box easily at Ramsey Street (Hwy 141) and Bowers Street.  I was in awe that the dime is probably 2 feet round.  I still don’t know if it is made of silver.  It is surrounded with dirty glass, looking like it hasn’t washed clean for some years.

I researched its history.  I learned that the community originated in either the late 1860s or early 1870s. The settlement was first known as Brown’s Mill, but was later changed to Dime Box.

The origin of the name “Dime Box” stemmed from a custom in which early settlers had wanted to send a letter to somebody, they would leave their letters and a dime in the box. Someone got to the nearest town to get supplies or whatever, he would just take everybody’s letters and the dime, mail it wherever the nearest town was, which was Caldwell, Texas. And then if anybody had letters coming back, he would bring the letters back to the box. It was just like a honor system more or less.

In 1913, when the Southern Pacific Railroad built a line three miles to the southeast of the community, most of the residents and businesses moved to a site near the tracks. From that point onward, the original settlement became known as Old Dime Box and the new community was referred to as Dime Box.

A Texas Historical Marker was erected in 1968 that honored Old Dime Box as the second oldest community in Lee County.

The population is about 300 today. It’s a farming community. And most everybody lives out in the surrounding area on a farm.



Close up of the Big Dime


The Big Dime is surrounded with dirty, smeared glass in the box.


To check the Big Dime in the Box, go  Hwy 141, downtown off TX 21. The Box is cornered by Ramsey Street and Bowers Street near the flag stand.

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