Bottlecap Alley | College Station, Texas

 You’re approaching Bottle Cap Alley, a pathway paved with decades of discarded beer (and soda) caps.

Bottle Cap Alley has become an important fixture of this city.  The strange ritual’s origins are not known, but they likely go back at least four decades. It may have started with the adjacent restaurant, The Dixie Chicken, dumping its bottle caps in the alley every night, along with other local bars and restaurants. The collection has grown over the years to encompass hundreds of thousands of caps, by some accounts. Some people come to visit and take a bottle cap or two away, whether for sentimental reasons or because they are collectors who find interesting caps.

Open footwear is not recommended at Bottle Cap Alley, because of the risk of getting cut. It has also, being an alley, been known to receive donations of various bodily fluids in addition to bottle caps, so whatever footwear one is sporting, vigilance is encouraged.

It’s safe to say that I’m wearing my blue sneakers walking through the alley.

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The Giant Ice Cream Cone in Pflugerville, Texas


The awesome giant ice cream cone filmed in the opening scenes of Friday Night Lights.

The Twistee Treat in Pflugerville housed Nana’s Treat House. The roof was painted red previously when this place was known as Twisters Ice Cream. By 2013, Nana’s had closed. In 2015, the building began housing Snow Angels Shaved Ice.

Unfortunately, it is closed and still vacant to the day.

Twistee Treat buildings are 28 feet tall and 20 feet wide fiberglass ice cream cones topped with cherries. The design was created by Robert G. “Skip” Skinner who built the first location in North Fort Myers in 1982. The buildings were produced in Cape Coral, Florida. They were made from 19 pieces of fiberglass and assembled on-site. By 1986, there were 30 locations, all of them in Florida. It is believed that about 90 of these buildings were produced over the years. About half of them have been demolished.

In 2010, an Orlando-based company was established to revive the Twistee Treat chain. In 2011, Twistee Treat USA opened a location in Orlando, FL. The company now has 13 locations in Florida: Kissimmee (3), Tampa (3), Orlando (2), Davenport, Spring Hill, Sebring, Tarpon Springs, and Sheldon.

I don’t know if they are still running the business as the article about the Twistee Treat history last ran in 2011.

The Ice Cream Cone Shop is located at 2700 West Pecan Street in Pflugerville, Texas.

If you would like to know more information, there is a link:




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McDonald’s Clown Cow | Plainview, Texas


I was driving down, going back home in Austin from Denver, I was hungry as hell so I wanted fast food.  I saw McDonalds on the right side off the highway and I decided to stop for a while.  Why not.  After ordering my meal, I didn’t stay there.  I wanted to continue my drive.  I was about to get off to the highway, in the corner of my eye, I saw something different.  I looked to the left, that sight made me smile big.  There.

McDonald’s Clown Cow.  it’s one of the Plainview Cattle Drive and Stampede public art projects herded 48-art augmented fiberglass cows into town in 2000.  Why a cow?  I looked up and found that it’s a large dairy farm out there.  That explains that the cows are exhibited in the city of Plainview.  That’s neat.

The McDonald’s is located at 815 North I-27, Plainview, Texas. If you are hungry, stop by and you will have a view of this cow.

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Canoe Wave | Lewiston, Idaho

Sculptor Christopher Fennell created Canoe Wave, a wave form sculpture created by welding more than 50 canoes together. This work was created as a tribute to American explorers Lewis & Clark for the bicentennial of their expedition. The sculpture is 64 feet long and 24 feet high. The tribute extends out into a nearby pond. Canoes have been fashioned into two waterlily-shaped fountains.

Canoe Wave is made from at least 80 percent recycled materials. While some of the boats were donated, most had to be purchased from previous owners.

The piece was partly funded by a grant from the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial and the use of canoes is an intentional nod to the explorers, who traveled by canoe and met the Nez Perce tribe in Lewiston.

 It overlooks the northern pond bank, situated next to Interstate Bridge, floating nearby in the pond is a companion piece: two waterlily fountains, also made from canoes. It’s located at  103 Main Street, behind Art Beat in Lewiston, Idaho.

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Johnny Deep’s Shoeprint “Shrine” | Manor, Texas

In January 1993,  a young Johnny Depp left his footprint, Hollywood-style, on the cement sidewalk in front of the grocery store where he worked in the film, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

The exact spot of his shoe print is on the sidewalk in the east side of Manor Grocery, on the south side of W. Parsons St. (Old Hwy 20) just east of its intersection with S. Lexington St.

It was the store where Johnny Depp as Gilbert Grape was working in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” in 1993.

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Ms. Pearl the Giant Squirrel | Cedar Creek, Texas

Ms. Pearl the Giant Squirrel

Ms. Pearl the Squirrel resides at Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Co.  She is 10 ft. tall, stands on on a 4 ft. tall stump and was custom-made by Blue Genie Art in Austin, TX.

This place has pie in a vending machine for your 24/7 pie needs!

                  There’s a deck covering the tree stump now so you can get up close and personal with the squirrel.  I tried to get the pecan nut off Ms. Pearl’s paws, unfortunately I was not strong enough! Ms. Pearl even has her own email address, to which fans can submit their pictures taken with her (!


Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Co. has been a family-owned business since 1986. All of their pecans and pecan-laden goodies come straight from the orchard and kitchens right behind their retail store in Cedar Creek.

Ms. Pearl lives at 2626 Highway 71 in Cedar Creek, Texas.  She loves the visitors come by and have a picture with her.


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80-Foot-Tall Tin Soldier | Waco, Texas

An old incinerator standing alone on property along Highway 84 near Highway 6 for years looked like a solitary, rusting tin soldier. Artist Mickey Pitcher was hired to paint the old incinerator, the tin soldier has come to life.

The owner of Smith Furniture Manufacturing Company wanted to be able to tell people seeking out the location to look for the soldier.  Well, yes, it works.  I can spot the soldier about 3 miles away.

It was easy to spot the 80-foot-tall Tin Soldier over there from Highway 6.  You can see the picture I enclosed to show you all.  It’s clear as crystal.

This solider stands at Smith Furniture Manufacturing Company parking lot.  The sign says “No Trespassing”.  You know I’m a risk taker so I went close up anyway.

The view from the US Highway 84.


I-35 exit 330B. Drive west 2.5 miles on Hwy 6. Take exit right toward US Hwy 84. Bear right at first right and then quickly turn right into abandoned parking lot just past Furniture Row sign. It can be viewed from parking lot at Smith Furniture Manufacturing Company.

The address is at 6000 Franklin Ave. Waco, Texas

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