Orogrande Ghost Town

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I was driving on Highway 54 to El Paso, Texas. Something got my attention in Orogrande.  There was just a small post office on the left side, standing out alone.   On my right, there was a ghost town indeed. I googled it up about this town.  I learned a few things.

It was a population of 52 in the 2010 census.  Originally a mining town named Jarilla Junction,  established in 1905, the town was renamed Orogrande (Spanish for big gold) in 1906 and is not far from similar mining towns, now abandoned ghost towns.  The population exploded to approximately 2000 as the result of a gold rush that occurred in 1905, but quickly collapsed almost to the point of depopulation when the gold deposits proved much less abundant than expected.  Today Orogrande is reduced to a post office, a few businesses and about fifteen families.

So that’s how it ended.  I enjoyed walking around to see what they had in store, inside and outside.  It’s always interesting to find what they had some stuff a long time ago.  I hung around there about 30-45 minutes and left for El Paso.

So if you like ghost towns, just be sure to stop by and take a breath. 


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I'm a freelance photographer. I love creating visual eye candy, be it my digital artwork or photography. More often than not, it turns out to be a combination of both. Whatever catches my eye, I shoot, specializing in landscapes, sports and portraits." Hailed from the Texas-born Baton Rouge, Louisiana residence, my photography was always my hobby, off and on, when time permitted. I had itched for a big change. I bought my first DSLR camera, I found myself falling back into photography again, and I've decided to pursue it full-time. I am specializing in landscapes however my interests are in the horizon into family portraits, senior portraits, sports, events and whatever catches my eye, I shoot.
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