Purple Martins Fly Wild for the Roost! | Austin, Texas

Roosting from July to August, but showing up as early as February, the purple martins of Austin, Texas are a favorite Austin attraction for locals and tourists. Gaining popularity like the bats of Austin found under the South Congress Bridge, purple martins are becoming Austin’s beloved and favorite bird to watch. Avid bird watchers and lovers arrive on the west side of Highland Mall  and enjoy late summer evening aerial shows of purple martins filling the air as far as the eye can see.

I kept hearing about the purple martins maybe for 2 or 3 years but I didn’t have a chance to check out until I saw the news-feed on my Facebook on that Sunday.  I had to go.  I grabbed my camera and all and vroomed there at the Airport Blvd.  I arrived there around at 7:30 pm before the sunset came down.  I parked on the wrong parking lot on the east side of the former Foley’s at Highland Mall.  I caught one bird sitting on the light post.


I noticed so many people across the street next to Jack in the Box.  I went there.  I realized that they came for the same reason.  So I moved my truck on the section of the parking lot, still at Highland Mall, but more closer to where we were bird-watching together.  I walked across the street.  It was amazing to watch birds flocking heavily when the sunset was down close to 8:30 pm.  More and more birds came out.  My jaw dropped down to the parking lot floor.  I tried to get close to get a look what the bird looked like but I failed. They kept moving a lot and it was harder to catch a perfect shot than I thought.


_MG_0050-3 _MG_0030-Edit-2


Park your car in the parking lot behind Jack in the Box.  It’s located at 6001 Airport Blvd. It’s always during the summer night, from 6PM to 9PM throughout July and August. Bring your lawn chair, cameras and binoculars and enjoy the view!


About christy

I'm a freelance photographer. I love creating visual eye candy, be it my digital artwork or photography. More often than not, it turns out to be a combination of both. Whatever catches my eye, I shoot, specializing in landscapes, sports and portraits." Hailed from the Texas-born Baton Rouge, Louisiana residence, my photography was always my hobby, off and on, when time permitted. I had itched for a big change. I bought my first DSLR camera, I found myself falling back into photography again, and I've decided to pursue it full-time. I am specializing in landscapes however my interests are in the horizon into family portraits, senior portraits, sports, events and whatever catches my eye, I shoot.
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