Couch Potatoes | Austin, Texas

_MG_0009 This giant monument to comfort measures 34 feet long and 22 feet tall. This display was designed and fabricated entirely by local artisans and expert fabricators. Lead Designer and Artist , Andrew Davis with accompanying artists Faith Schexnayder of Flatfork Studio, and Ryan Day of Ryan Day Studios. All Construction and fabrication was completed by Jerry Fryer, owner of APS Modular and Affordable Portable Structures.couch potatoes



Austin’s Couch Potatoes Furniture – 10500 N. Interstate Hwy 35

Directions: If heading north, take exit 243, drive north to E. Braker Lane, then drive back south.  If going south, take exit 241, go along on the frontage road of the southbound side of I-35.


About christy

I'm a freelance photographer. I love creating visual eye candy, be it my digital artwork or photography. More often than not, it turns out to be a combination of both. Whatever catches my eye, I shoot, specializing in landscapes, sports and portraits." Hailed from the Texas-born Baton Rouge, Louisiana residence, my photography was always my hobby, off and on, when time permitted. I had itched for a big change. I bought my first DSLR camera, I found myself falling back into photography again, and I've decided to pursue it full-time. I am specializing in landscapes however my interests are in the horizon into family portraits, senior portraits, sports, events and whatever catches my eye, I shoot.
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