A surprising discovery that I never knew about!

After refreshing up from work, I decided “why not, I’m going to Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park to check out on a new bridge if it was completed yet”.  It was indeed! This project is building a new trail portion on the Walnut Creek Greenbelt.  The trail will span from Mopac south to Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park, the northern end point of the Phase 2 trail project. It will have 9 creek crossings and 4 trail heads.  It’s still under the construction that begun 2 years ago.  It was not far from where I lived and it was in Gracyswood Park connecting to Walnut Creek Park.  I am excited for the progress and to see it to be finished.  I couldn’t wait to ride my bike through the Walnut Creek Greenbelt!


My shadow selfie on the new bridge 9 that was completed a few weeks before

2015-11-19 15.31.52

I took a hike that I never took this trail before. Until I spotted something on the left side of the trail.  I went over the little creek to take a look, my jaw suddenly dropped open wide.  I was thrilled for my discovery.  See the map above.  The little creek is shown as blue line and the trail is a brown line.   The arrow was where I was where I found this abandoned station wagon.  As you know me, I’m a daredevil and I would do anything to get there with the determination.  I had to cross the creek so I had to pass over the black wall border (that prevented us to go there…), leaped over the creek (my flip flops got wet when I landed on the end of the creek, slipped down a little, splashed some -ugh), and waltzed through the fence.

My heart pounded when I got close to “scan” the station wagon.  I couldn’t believe my eyes that it was really antique!  All rusted and broke.  Glass shattered in pieces, stuff all over.  Wow.  I took some pictures taken from my iPhone. I would definitely come back with my beloved Canon Rebel soon for the sunset setting!



See the heart shaped tree limbs.  I didn’t notice it when I snapped a few photos of the abandoned car until I edited them at “home”.  It was amazing to see the “heart”. There was not just the station wagon, but the chicken coop, water tank, a house and the whatnots.  I will show you those pictures next time I write about this land on the next page.

IMG_7352-Edit IMG_7354I have to be honest with you –  I was very, very tempted to get inside of the house but I decided against it.  I couldn’t hear anything there and it might be some homeless people staying there, probably sleeping,  hiding, or smokin’ crack.  I was just being alone taking a look at the land. I didn’t want the risk of trespassing the house.  I will come back next time with SOMEONE who would be happy to be nosey around.


The water tank stood next to the house.  I guess that might be in the early 20’s looking from the designs of the house.  I need more time to investigate the land where some abandoned houses, automobiles and whatnots scattered everywhere untouched.


I went back to the trail where I left off, continuing my hike, through the brick “bridge” over the creek, stayed on the trail to the brick overpass where the creek runs through under.  I continued my hike to see how the cliffs looked like.  It has not been changed since the October 31, 2014 flooding.  The rocks were falling and crashing on the ground from the above when the water were rushing through the creek.

IMG_7362 IMG_7374 IMG_7377

“And did those feet in ancient times ache upon Walnut Creek’s long trails”

See you next time, with my Canon Rebel loaded!



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I'm a freelance photographer. I love creating visual eye candy, be it my digital artwork or photography. More often than not, it turns out to be a combination of both. Whatever catches my eye, I shoot, specializing in landscapes, sports and portraits." Hailed from the Texas-born Baton Rouge, Louisiana residence, my photography was always my hobby, off and on, when time permitted. I had itched for a big change. I bought my first DSLR camera, I found myself falling back into photography again, and I've decided to pursue it full-time. I am specializing in landscapes however my interests are in the horizon into family portraits, senior portraits, sports, events and whatever catches my eye, I shoot.
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