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Row. Row. Row. | Austin, Texas

The 50-foot-tall structure  is composed of roughly 75 boats, suspended from a steel framework by a mass of cables. The sculpture, outside the Hackerman Building, looms over the corner of Speedway and 24th Street and features canoes jutting out at … Continue reading

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Southern Walnut Creek Trail | Austin, Texas

It was my first time riding my bike through the Southern Walnut Creek Trail.  A sparkling new ribbon of pathway has opened in Austin during Summer of 2014. It serves up nearly 10 miles of separated-from-the-road pedaling bliss between Govalle Park … Continue reading

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The Deer Sculpture…NOT!

When I was “strolling” through the roads in Salado, I saw the deer on the edge. I thought it was the sculpture until he moved, I jumped off my seat a little bit!  He spooked me so good! Damn him.

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Old Bicycle Fence | Salado, Texas

I always have wanted to show you that there is a fence that holds many old bicycles about 14 of them are tied to.  I saw them way back in May 2011.  I came back last Thursday and checked if … Continue reading

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Salado Sculpture Garden | Salado, Texas

While I was looking for Sirena the Indian Mermaid,  I just drove through the roads looking for some vintage stuff at the houses and businesses, admiring the old feeling look.  I happened to spot the sculpture garden.  I had to … Continue reading

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The Legend of Sirena

  I heard about the legend in Salado, Texas.  I missed it on my last road trip back in May 2011.  I didn’t remember if I ever saw the mermaid in the Salado creek then.  I investigated a little bit … Continue reading

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