The Empty Cross | Kerrville, Texas

I went to Kerrville last year for the first time ever after 27 years of living in Austin.  I brought my roommate’s oldest daughter, Alma,  to Kerrville Lions Camp for her parents who were out of state then.  After dropping Alma off , I went back to TX-16 to Fredericksburg, I noticed the big cross over the hill.  I didn’t bother checking it out, going straight home.  Once I was home, I googled it up.

“The Empty Cross” is a seven story Cor-ten steel sculpture by artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. This stunning sculpture was donated to The Coming King Foundation by Max and Sherry Greiner, and Monte and Beverly Paddleford, owners of Eagle Bronze Foundry in Lander, WY. The Carbon Steel skeleton of the cross was covered with a Cor-ten steel skin. After scouring by sand blasting, a reddish brown patina was released, symbolizing the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This unique contemporary sculpture was installed on top of a 1930’ hill top above IH-10 on July 27, 2010.

I had decided to put on my bucket list before I went ahead to Plano for my aunt Rosemary’s memorial service during the Memorial Day weekend this year.  I also included the Stonehenge II on the list that was not too far from the Empty Cross.

When I was getting close, I spotted the Empty Cross easily.  It was clearly shown on the hill on the right.  It’s a little steep and a very curvy road going to the top.  I took my time observing these things there. I’m not a religious person but I have to admit that the park is pretty big, parking is plenty, the view is amazing and you can write your prayer on the rocks.

From my observation, it was a cross on the layout of the Empty Cross.  Too bad I didn’t have a drone to take a video of this layout but it is pretty cool to recognize that too.

Walking leading to the Empty Cross

Take on I-10 exit 508. Turn north onto Hwy 16/Fredericksburg Rd, then quickly turn left (west) onto Benson Drive. Drive past the car dealership, paralleling the north side of the freeway, then turn right and drive up to the parking area for the cross.


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I'm a deaf road travel photographer. I love creating visual eye candy, be it my digital artwork or photography. More often than not, it turns out to be a combination of both. All I need is a map, a camera, and seeking new adventures on wheels full time. Hailed from the Texas-born Baton Rouge, Louisiana, my photography was always my hobby, off and on, when time permitted. I had itched for a big change. I bought my first DSLR camera, I found myself falling back into photography again, and I've decided to pursue it full-time. I am specializing in landscapes however my interests are in the horizon into whatever catches my eye, I shoot.
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One Response to The Empty Cross | Kerrville, Texas

  1. Such a beautiful sight! I pass it every year on my way to Camp Mystic but have never explored it. Come August I will have to make a detour to really see it for myself.

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