The Giant Ice Cream Cone in Pflugerville, Texas


The awesome giant ice cream cone filmed in the opening scenes of Friday Night Lights.

The Twistee Treat in Pflugerville housed Nana’s Treat House. The roof was painted red previously when this place was known as Twisters Ice Cream. By 2013, Nana’s had closed. In 2015, the building began housing Snow Angels Shaved Ice.

Unfortunately, it is closed and still vacant to the day.

Twistee Treat buildings are 28 feet tall and 20 feet wide fiberglass ice cream cones topped with cherries. The design was created by Robert G. “Skip” Skinner who built the first location in North Fort Myers in 1982. The buildings were produced in Cape Coral, Florida. They were made from 19 pieces of fiberglass and assembled on-site. By 1986, there were 30 locations, all of them in Florida. It is believed that about 90 of these buildings were produced over the years. About half of them have been demolished.

In 2010, an Orlando-based company was established to revive the Twistee Treat chain. In 2011, Twistee Treat USA opened a location in Orlando, FL. The company now has 13 locations in Florida: Kissimmee (3), Tampa (3), Orlando (2), Davenport, Spring Hill, Sebring, Tarpon Springs, and Sheldon.

I don’t know if they are still running the business as the article about the Twistee Treat history last ran in 2011.

The Ice Cream Cone Shop is located at 2700 West Pecan Street in Pflugerville, Texas.

If you would like to know more information, there is a link:





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